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Nice to see our lab homepage

 投稿者:Wei Shiメール  投稿日:2004年 4月13日(火)09時01分16秒
  Hi Prof. Miyamoto Katoh Kurima and lab guys

How are you recently? It's so nice to find that we have a homepage of our lab!
This is Shi(Ishi) Wei graduated in 2000 at the Shinkuu group (rarefied group). Is anybode playing there now?

Time past so fast it has been 4 years! During these 4 years I worked in Singapore for 1 year and studied in America for 3 years (in Semiconductor Material) really experienced a hard-time during the down-turn of American economy......

Luckily I got a job in Intel after my graduation doing the R&D of IC chip cooling very exciting and challenging. I just started this new job for a week. This is really a wonderful company....

I am located in Phoenix (Arizona) about 600 km south to the Grand Canyon. You are welcome here do please contact with me when you visit America. Don't be shy! My cell-phone number: 480-235-9069; E-mail: shiwei20012002@yahoo.com

Oh yeah so many activities in your calander Imonikai Soumennagashi... so delicious!!! I even often cook it at home during these 4 years I like the taste so much --- oh yeah I like the people the air and the friendness in this lab!

Oh Irhan I see your post here so cool. Where are you now? In Japan? How are you these years?

Ok guys Ganbade Ne! Senseidachi Mo Genki De Ne!
(sorry for being unable to type Japanese in my computer now)


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